ASPB Presidential Election Platform

On the ballot!! ASPB Presidential Election 2019

Hey y’all!

My name is Rishi R. Masalia, and I’m running for ASPB President this cycle. I’m extremely honored and thankful to have been nominated by some many of you as to make it to the ASPB ballot. Together, I’m hoping we can propel ASPB forward to stay relevant and resilient as our societal landscape changes.

Below are resources, videos, and links to my platform. If you want to get a hold of me – ping me on Twitter (@RishiMasalia) or Plantae, or shoot me an email at Check back here for campaign updates!

Together, let’s reinvest ourselves in this amazing community and society.


Printable Flyers:

Campaign Flyer

Want to help with the campaign? Feel free to share the above flyer around your institutions and campus buildings (Campaign Flyer). Want to help in a larger way? Feel free to contact me!

If you’re looking for a general flyer to put up about the election as a way to Rock the Vote! Download the official ASPB flyer here.




Campaign Videos:

Why I’m running:

General Platform:

Strategic Vision for the Future:

Early Careers:

Science Policy:

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